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Zornerie 2 - improvisation



This track contains

  • deep bass PCM strings,
  • reggae-ish chord by an organ that sounds like alarm clock,
  • a theme (played at 1:57) + a dissonnant improvisation, using the very cool FM synth "vibes" preset (to which I removed the high pitched thing).

I hope you enjoy!

One important question: how do I get rid of the annoying "click/pops" that sometimes happen with the FM synth? Example of the clicks can be heard 1:50 or at 2:00 (fast notes). I have tried to use the modular synth with LagProcessor (like in the tutorial), but that doesn't help, it completely kills the nice FM synth sound and the clicks remain here. The only solution I have found is to manually shift some "clicky" notes by 1/64th, which sometimes removes the click... [I'll update the .caustic file when I get home if you need it.]