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SunVox controlling Caustic on PC Video

Have dismissed this video as it seemed not too relevant but had a look today and in the later part around six minutes in the uploader Pavel Ti is using SunVox to control Caustic! So if there is any Caustic users that like trackers but love the goodness of Caustic this would be interesting for you!

Have not gone through the steps myself yet and must admit that the videos that Pavel Ti uploads are not the best tutorial videos but he responds to questions if this is something you want to look into and use Caustic a lot on PC. As for example SunVox have a touchpad for playing that can be used for micro scales and some other things that may come in handy?

Okay I know that is not really going to be a concern for many people myself included but it was just sooo nice to see two of my favorite apps play together!

Peace and harmony and all that...

To see the video go here:




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Animated gifs are sooooooo 90

Animated gifs are sooooooo 90´s.

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Is possible Sunvox control

Is possible Sunvox control caustic using two android devices?