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Album composed entirely in Caustic: "Anhex" by Robotic Storm Cloud

Hi all!

I released this a few months ago, but I am a slowpoke with any sort of promotion. "Anhex" was composed entirely with Caustic on an LG G2. Because of the portable nature and touchscreen interface, I decided to only work on the album in inconvenient circumstances, such as on lunch break from a crappy job (cya later Boeing), stuck in traffic or behind a train, waiting in line at the drive thru... anywhere but in a home studio with hours of composing time blocked out. 

Other than some post-mixing and mastering, this was all done in app and in phone. I warn you that it is experimental and weird and possibly unpleasant.

I hope you enjoy it! I also just released a special Christmas album, "Christmas's Coming."

My label: www.thingmo.com

Bandcamp: http://roboticstormcloud.bandcamp.com (note that all albums are pay what you wish)