Builderz Jungle -- E.P. Elementals 1 Caustic 2.1

Pcmsynth Preset


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Caustic 2.1 (RC3 or official release) REQUIRED to load and use this preset.  It will NOT load or function on 2.0.2 build

Electric Piano model Builderz Style.   Different chords and part chords and individual note bites to customize your own moods and textures in a single PCMSynth Preset.


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Thank you for the feedback..

Thank you for the feedback...
May be a good time to move to 24 bit (44khz)... Nothing more, so that our little Android devices don't get overloaded with too much data to process - But since Caustic can now handle higher than 16 bit, it would be good to have 24 bit when it's time to mix... That's what I'll be using as soon as 2.1 is avail.