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Gogol Bordello_Start wearing purple_Divisionary Remix

Hey guys,

Just finished the first mix of this Gogol Bordello track. If you haven't heard Gogol Bordello I definitely suggest checking them out. There official Genre is, Russian Gypsy Punk. That's all I needed to spark my interest but everyone is different. They don't sound punk at all in my opinion, which personally is a plus. I basically took the core of the song, start wearing purple, and made it a filthy dubstep remix. This track was fully produced in Caustic 3.1. In my last track, WMD, I used a lot of my own third party samples. I wanted to challenge myself a bit more with this one so almost everything you hear was designed using the various synth's native data. The vocoded vocals were made possible by using the tts synthesiser, Vocality.  I'm mixing this down even more and them mastering it inside FL I'll let you know know when the master is uploaded. If possible, try to avoid comments about the mix until the master is finished. Yet, feel free to comment. I'm always interested in hearing your ideas and creative angles. Thanks for listening and enjoy!