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steve conroy
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What Android Apps are you using with caustic?

I'm interested in what other software people are using to compliment caustic?

I'm using chord bot pro,g-stomper,reloop,audio evolution mobile,sonic chop sample ripper and loopstack.
I use chordbot pro to write chord progressions then I export the wave into caustics pcm synths.
When I export loops from caustic I arrange them in either g-stomper or reloop.
I only got audio evolution mobile the other day so haven't got grip with that yet so can't really judge that yet.
Loopstack is handy for live recording and i export that to the pcmsynth too.
Sonic chop sample ripper is handy for turning mp3 into wave for editing although I find that hard to use.
I tried zquence studio and it isn't worth using at the moment as it will only take audio of a few seconds.
Let us know people if you have found anything else that compliments caustic

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I use Audio Speed Changer Pro

I use Audio Speed Changer Pro for splicing samples. It allows you to alter the speed and / or pitch independently too, which is awesome.

I also use TinyShark Downloader, to pull tracks off Grooveshark for sampling in ASC Pro.



steve conroy
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Thanks for that Kowalski,was

Thanks for that Kowalski,was looking for a timestretcher and that seems to do the job nicely

Thanks bro


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Steve, Chordbot sounds like a really good app - thanks for the heads up about this...