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MIDI export to what DAW?

I have experimented a little with exporting caustic midi files into Ableton with mixed results.  The main issue is that the machines are vastly different between these 2 programs so trying to translate the desired sound and feel of a machine winds up taking too much time.  What other DAW's do you guys use and do you have decent results transfering midi to these other programs.  Is Reason a better option?

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I've had really good results with exporting midi from Caustic. I'm importing to Logic Pro 9.1.8. There are a couple options for importing midi into the program but I think I just used the standard way. Each time I've done it I've also exported separate wav files of each track from Caustic as well. That way instead of recreating the sounds I made in Caustic I 'enhance them' with other synths in Logic. Sorry I've never used Ableton or Reason so I don't know how they would compare.