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Metal and rock methodology

Build a drum kit.
I started with the vintage yamaha acquired from the sites presets catalog.
I tuned it a bit, tossed the extra snare, changed the brass and added a retuned Tom2 to provide a killer floor tom.

While we have a ton of sequence maps to fill for that kit(A1, A2 etc.) then paint into the main sequencer, it doesn't take long before you want to add a quad or triplet or fill that won't vanish into your two step beat or double kick roll you have as your backbone. 
What I've done is load up 3 metal kits for the times I need to layer in a mass of triplets or quads so they have enough presence rather than a blended effect that isn't recognizable as a triplet or quad or whatever it is you're trying to bring in as a fill to complement the back beat.
Adding it in the straight forward way into the same track's sequence in an A2 or A5 etc. it will just vanish and isn't really recognizable for what it is.

Now for the fourth track I've I've created a Brass ensemble kit so I can jump from one crash to another for the right fit without having to edit my primary kit's certain brass that might not always work.
Obviously if you want to really get elaborate you may end up with Metal1 and Metal2 serving as a single, monstrous kit as well as Brass1, 2 and wherever your ideas lead you.

Ultimately you can just turn Caustic into a dedicated drum machine when necessary and what this post outlines is IMO the best way to do it or at least a great starting point.

When it comes time to sequence to a song you've composed through traditional band jams and recording or sitting on your own well if you're not familiar with the traditional techniques you might find yourself in a world of stress and confusion.
The tradition is to record your instruments to a click track, or a metronome, then go back in to build your sequences over the set tempos. I've heard the nightmares from the guys building sequences and matching loops who weren't aware as at some point we're all in this position so as simple and obvious as it seems, it never hurts to frequently recirculate the fundamentals for those who are uninformed.
With your click track you don't need to do an entire 4 minutes of sequencing just your melody, chorus, bridge and whatever short duration change you may need to accommodate.

Granted this is all pretty easy to come up with through your own experimentation, I know a lot of metal and hard rock musicians still try to avoid synthetic instruments which I also know is finally changing. 
I've constantly come across the same problem related by other metal musicians.
"We can't find/keep a drummer!"

I was on the verge of buying a drum machine after everything I found for Android was such a disappointment. |
I found Caustic and obviously had no reason to make yet another investment into a piece of hardware.


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Nice.  And if you put it into

Nice.  And if you put it into pattern mode then you can change the drum beat "live" by touching on a different part of the track.  

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M3tal in 8 pattern action...

M3tal in 8 pattern action... 3.33 MB

Caustic Song file (optional): 

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Or you can grab a PocketKit

Or you can grab a PocketKit Pro kit and use only one machine slot..... and I have something bigger waiting in the wings as well.... using Caustic as a dedicated drum machine tool in a way you won't find on any other piece of mobile software wink

Yeah I agree, using Caustic in many new ways "outside the box" really helps you save a ton of money by not buying hardware boxes that are not as flexible as Caustic is coolyes

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Please forgive what is

Please forgive what is probably a newbie question, but I downloaded the attachment, loaded it up, and it made a mishmash of noise. What am I supposed to be playing? Thank you for your patience in advance. :)