Caustic 2.1 goes live

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I've just submitted Caustic 2.1.0 to the various app stores, so it should be trickling in over the next few hours/days depending on your platform.

I've also updated the Windows version to the latest version.

Notable new features are:

  • Portrait view for tablets
  • Customizable UI options for keyboards and control panel
  • Software buttons for menu and back
  • Improved and standardized pattern editor for all machines
  • Ability to set patterns to 1,2,4 or 8 measures
  • Finer note resolution, up to 64th notes
  • Transpose + shift tools for patterns
  • Global song shuffle, with per-pattern override
  • Slight latency improvement on Android (see options menu)
  • Support for most WAV sampling and bit rates
  • Added built-in LFO and distortion to Bassline machine
  • USB MIDI controller support (see manual for details)
  • New parametric EQ insert effect
  • Playback follow mode in song sequencer
  • Measures can be inserted or trimmed from song in sequencer
  • Improved loop editor in PCMSynth

This is probably the most thoroughly tested release yet, but it's always possible that I've missed something, so let me know if you run into any bugs.


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Just updated.

The added USB midi support is a good thing.

So far, it seems to be working with the Korg Microkey25 that I just got.

I'm on an Asus TF300t with the dock.

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I have no words....

I have no words to describe what a gem this update is.   the mobile music making world has yet to wake up to the stunningly bright reality of the potentials of this little app, thanks to Rej and the dedicated team of commited supporters and fans on this forum.   cool


so much exciting news!

Congratulations on this release, and on the new modular synth.  

Will this update be available from the Amazon app store, or should I transfer the apk (downloaded from the Play Store) from my phone?  Would there be any differences?

I'm anxious to try out the new features, of course!


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This update... is... awesome.  I've been working with Caustic since the pre- Caustic 2 version and it's incredible how much this thing has evolved & given us the tools to create professional quality music on our phones & tablets.  Take a step back & marvel at it's complexity, build quality and overall greatness- not to mention the incredibly low price considering what you're getting:  a complete music production tool that fits in your pocket.  Amazing.


Rej, you're the Bruce Wayne of Android City

Just updated to Caustic Windows 2.1... help!

I have just updated my older version of Caustic 2 for windows (which worked perfectly on a Windows 7 laptop) to your newer 2.1 version for windows... and although it all installs and opens up, it isn't working... the window is twice the length (Top to Bottom) and it isn't fitting the all controls (there is also an extra keyboard below?) and the mouse won't operate anything, the F2 button works to change the screen but again, nothing can be controlled. I can push the keyboard using my keyboard and i will play mono notes... or could you tell me how i could re-install the older windows version please?!

I have uninstalled and re-installed, and also restarted computer, but it's still the same...

New Windows Version

I am suffering from the same graphics issues as the previous poster. I am using XP SP2 & the previous version worked perfectly before. I've deleted it for now. Another question Rej, when will the new version be available on the Playbook? I'm very exited about this release!

Windows problem resolved!

Reading through some other posts I've discovered the F6 fix for the above. Once I pressed F6 the orientation changed to landscape which meant that everything fitted into the window nicely and all the controls functioned properly. I took your advice and then set up fixed landscape orientation in the Options menu.

I'm looking forward to trying out the new features. Thanks for the excellent update Rej!