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Cows of Truth
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how to make liquid trap or chill trap idk

Caustic Song file (optional): 

tips to make a chill trap or liquid trap stuff


you need a lot of reverb to make it sound "liquid"

also black keys are the best (i dont know if its the best but oh well) chord progressions to use when it comes to melancholic songs

and since the compressor doesnt follow what i want it to do, i automated the volume level instead, in that way, i can make it sound "cool" (get it because when its raining, its usually cold)

snare rolls are cool too

hats are also cool

the karymbas can give some cool things to your song when you use it

i dont know what the last one is for but the point is

use a lot of reverb

and yeah thats it

i dont know if you count this as a tip thing but oh well, atleast you knew something

goodbye and thank you new york

‚Äčedit: updated and made a full song under 10 minutes