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SS Malichi
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Making a robot like sound (similar to excision)

Caustic Song file (optional): 

Okay first off you need to use a side chain of mod synths doesn't matter the initial preset. (Initial preset being the one that makes the sound in the first place)

Use these effects in your side chain:

Cab sim

Bitcrush and/or distortion

Auto wah


Band pass/ band pass isolate

I suggest you put the chorus last. But you can put it in the middle and one last in the chain. And everone these don't need to be in a particular order. It will depend on what the regular signal sounds like.

Always use:

Distortion or bitcrush

Cabinet simulator ( this one especially, because it helps with the robot like sounds)

Band pass/band pass isolate

Auto wah

Flanger is optional

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Set CabSim's Width and Depth

Set CabSim's Width and Depth settings to low or lowest for deep metallic robot character