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14 Modulars Big Preset

Caustic Song file (optional): 

OK, here's my "One Master Modular, 13 Slave Modulars" piece. The song is just me improvising for awhile with this absurd giant preset I created last night, using lots of ModSynths with Arpeggiators. If you download the Caustic song file, you'll notice the hanging notes when you first load the song, but it goes away once you hold down some notes. The song doesn't need to be playing for the preset to work, and you can stay in Pattern Mode. Just make sure you're playing Mod 1 (the Master Modular). Hopefully you'll be able to play this from a MIDI keyboard -  just hold down some chords and check out what happens.

I started creating different patterns for each of the ModSynths, but I ended up with only a few patterns. I'm gonna keep working on it.

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Man that's  one huge preset.

Man that's  one huge preset. Nice work fella.

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Great job!

Great job!
I could not make this setup myself, but at least now I understand what is happening, and why. Some months ago I would have been totally confused!
Thanks, it´s very helpful! smileyenlightened

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Ok, I'll play.....