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[Fixed] Menu and program half a machine off, Buttons also off

Caustic starts fine but buttonare still out of sorts, can only see bottom of menu, and the whole program is about  2/3 if not 3/4 off, meaning on the first machine you can only see the keyboard part and the last machine is only about a third on the page. This is vertically the width is fine . Can this be fixed? I'm running:

1). ASUS 1005HA with 1.60 gigahertz Intel Atom N270 amd Windows 7 Ultimate Service Pack 1 with 20MB and Mobile Intel(R) 945 Express Chipset Family [Display adapter] (2x)

2). DELL Inspiron 1521 with 1.80GHz AMD, Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 with 4GB of Memory and Ati Radeon X1200 series. Is this problem fixable and not on my end just yet anyway.

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Yesterday I installed the

Yesterday I installed the official Windows release and had a problem with the "tablet" portrait mode feature. This seems to be defaulted and corrupts the screen. I could turn it off by manually editing the config file.

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I think carl-alex is probably

I think carl-alex is probably right, I'll change the default to landscape mode when I update the installer but in the meantime you can go into the folder where your samples and songs are (there should be a start menu shortcut to get there) and locate the file called "config"

Next start "notepad" (usually in Start Menu-->Accessories), then drag the config file onto notepad to open it, and change the first line to read:


Then save the file with Ctrl-S or from notepad's file menu. 

Restart Caustic.

Let me know if that fixes it. I'm not sure what's happening, but it's possible OpenGL gets in a bad state during the initial windows changes. I'll see if I can find a PC that does that to do more tests here.

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No Windows version of Caustic

No Windows version of Caustic 2.0.2 or 2.1OR has given me any graphics handling issues, landscape or portrait...    dittos on the Config file there, that is a nice back-door approach to fix some issues for users, nice thinking there Rej.

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Actually, an even quicker

Actually, an even quicker test would be to press F6, this was meant to be stripped as debug-only, but is in this version. It's a quick (temporary) toggle from one panel to two-panel. But it isn't saved.


Maybe if pressing F6 gives you something you can see, then you can go into Options and un-tick the  "allow screen rotation" option, it would avoid editing text files.

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problems with update for windows

Thanks Rej,

I had the same problem with the windows update (not the app update) on my lenovo x220 laptop, and your F6 test does the trick.  After the initial download, parts of the screen were clipped, but the biggest problem was the buttons not hitting the right key; if I hit a note on the keyboard, it would activate a button on the controls approx. 2" above the original position I touched.  Then I tried downloading the update to my xpmode (an option I have with windows 7), and that was fruitless.  Anyway, this fix works just fine, so far, and it is a relief to have the same version of caustic for both the phone app and laptop.

Have a good holiday, and thanks again.

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This should be fixed in the

This should be fixed in the latest Windows build (2.1.2) so I'm closing this off.

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