KlingKlang (glitch drumkit)

Pcmsynth Preset


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KlingKlang is a vst that is a simple drum hit generator that was created by reusenoise for the 2012 KVR developer challenge.

I've used it to generate some random sounds which I've created in a pcmsynth on every note from c1 to b5 giving 60 in total.

These are most suited to a glitch / industrial type of sound but could be used to make percussive loops as well.



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 For some reason, loading this kit causes Caustic 2.1.2 to crash (Windows XP).  I've loaded other kits, but don't have the same issue.  I can load it, but it crashes as soon as I try to attempt to move the screen to the multi-track screen (or any other screen).  It's too bad, because this is a great kit.  Naturally, I may be the only one having any problems with it.  Cheers.