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Soundname missing

When you save sounds from the Subsynth the namebox is empty, even if you saved the sound already or loaded it. 

All the other instruments show the name and ask if you really want to overwrite the sound.

I'm running Caustic on HTC OneX

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I noticed that too, it only

I noticed that too, it only shows blank every time in the SubSynth.... It does save the sound if you type in the same exact name as before, but it doesn't show like the other synths do..... would come in handy if you changed or editied your saved sound and want to save it under the same name.

Seems like a little hiccup I'm sure Rej can have amended on the next version release of Caustic.

Rej - Dev
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Yup, noted, thanks for

Yup, noted, thanks for reporting it.