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I know this might be a more general Android App question, but I'm asking about this in the specific context of Loopstack:


Is there any method of putting a device or application in a mode that gives Loopstack system priority and prevents other applications from starting and causing the app to skip, lag, or otherwise exhibit latency? I love this app, but at least half the time I'm running it, something in the background will run and cause it to lag. The worst offender is Play updates. I know I could go through and disable all automatic updates, but I'd prefer a way to run Loopstack in some sort of mode that would give a best effort to ensure that no other apps slow it down.

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Have you considered moving

Have you considered moving the LoopStack App to the SD card on your phone/device?  It seems that some apps perform better that way.

I also make a habit to disable automatic updates on GooglePlay, my downloaded apps, and app updates as well...  Too much waste of resources and battery.