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This is my third track created in caustic.  It represents the final track in my first three-track set for this caustic side project.  Thank you to the developer for such an amazing mobile app, and thanks for listening.  Feedback is always welcomed and appreciated.  

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I've really enjoyed listening

I've really enjoyed listening to your stuff, very clean lines, there is something that reminds me of Kraftwerk in your stuff, which is good to my ear, this track keeps that feeling going very nice

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This trilogy is really good!

This trilogy is really good!  Already liked on SC but just wanted to say it here, too.


​(BTW, how do you pronounce your username ?)

Caustic Mau5
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I like this one. It sounds

I like this one. It sounds like spyro. Great sounds here thoughsmiley


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What is your background?

What is your background?  Mathmatics? Electronic theory?   Your track here is very mathmatical, and has quite a unique character to it, that I rarely see and hear around here.

Very nice, I like this.

Welcome to SCS

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Thanks for the feedback all. 

Thanks for the feedback all. 

Wellsley, I have enjoyed you "Caravan Sky" track several times, especially the percussion.  

JHS, if I had to commit to a name, I would say "Sine Triangle Square," but you can call me whatever you like.  

Jason, I have minimal background in math or electronics, but I do a lot of technical writing, which probably influences my music projects. 

 I am working on the second trilogy now, and have made some good progress

Thanks again for listening and feedback.