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If you've ever had to program a pcmsynth for samples or drums, you'll know what a headache this can be, having to enter each root, low and high key and change the play mode. I do it quite regularly, so now, I've created a preset that takes the hassle out of the process. 84 slots, all in order* and with one key per sample. The default playback mode is set to Note On/Off. It should save you hours and give you more time to concentrate on actually making music.
*Because of a glitch in the design of the synth, slot numbers 1-72 start at key C2 up to B7 and slots 73-84 occupy keys C1 to B1.
Use it anytime you're going to use the pcm for drums, samples or fx


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I have a couple of drum kits I've been putting off importing mainly because of this. Thank you so much. Will post the kits if/when I actually get around to it.