Polymoog Vox Humana

Subsynth Preset


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On "Cars" Gary Numan used this sound on a Polymoog - this is a fairly close (well in my opinion) rendition of the patch. Uses FM to approximate pulse width modulation as the subsynth doesn't have actual PWM.



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nice one

This is a good sound and a good example of how to use frequency modulation.
Reminds a bit of a patch I made some weeks ago trying to synthesize a female choir.
Good work.

A word of appreciation

I just really wanted to thank folks for putting time into these patches and sharing them. It is a lot of fun to see what people have done here, it stimulates my own creation and learning of Caustic. So much fun.

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Nice patch! Very usable. Also adaptable. I played around with the Volume envelope and polyphony to get some good sequences. And of course I did some Numan impersonations! ;)